Who’s writing this stuff?

I’m a beauty editor for the San Francisco Examiner. I write about all things beauty. From celebrities to the latest drugstore miracle face cream, I investigate and execute articles that inform my readers of the W5’s. (Who, what, where, when, and why.)

I hate furry peaches, love rooster kitchen decor, and own two closets full of books, four large size cosmetic caboodles, and only one credit card. I also write, paint, and Loooove with all my heart.

5 things you don’t know about me:

1. I can down a whole family-size bag of Doritos in a sitting.

2. I’m a mom.

3. I’m a slave to sunblock. SPF 30 or higher. You should know why. Shame on you if you don’t.

4. I’m an avid vintage shopper. If they had a frequent-shopper program for all the vintage stores in San Francisco, I would be top list. No doubt.

5. I can never pass up a Target, Trader Joe’s, or a Nordstrom…Ever. (Because we always need something from Target, I love and live for good healthy food, and, well, Nordstrom is Nordstrom.) I pass every single aisle at the grocery store, browse every single level at a department store, thinking that the restocking crew are hiding something special from me.

So, keep in touch gorgeous women, as I write about all kinds of material I find along the way of my merry chaotic-life.

Never be afraid to share some ideas and news (e-mail torresmira@yahoo.com)

and let’s be friends!



Me, in a bathroom. Haha…


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Fresh music: Anjulie

I have pretty ecclectic taste in music. But away from my diversity in taste, is my inability to switch my playlist without getting bored or feeling music buyer’s remorse. Often, I will listen to the same two or three albums in a span of months because nothing else is appealing.

Music that moves me, drowns me in emotion, and takes me, well, anywhere else but where I may be standing at that very moment in time. These are the banal requirements of my Ipod playlist. Sometimes catchyJustin Timberlake beats and/or tounge-in-cheek lyrics just don’t cut it enough for me to not click the delete button.


But in this moment in time, I think I’ve found the girl that will keep me posted until my next anthem of albums show up.

Right now, in the darkness of a sheet covered living room at midnight, I’m listening to Anjulie.

Perhaps a byproduct of social networking fame. Unsure. She does have a myspace account that serves as her website. Which could surely be dead give away that she is. But I’ll leave that for Wikipedia to decide.
Anjulie  is said to be the “next big thing.” Her debut album will be dropping via the Starbucks/Ipod franchise collaboration.(You know you can almost gaurantee a million new fans with that formula.) Expected sometime during this summer.

I actually “found” her in the free playlist via Nylon Summer ’09. (Read previous blog for details, pls.) So far, three songs are available for purchase.
The Rain
Love Song – which is my fave.

Anjulie is just absolutely refreshing. In a see of tattoed men and either carbon copy or  trying real hard to be “hard” women, it’s nice to see one that can be happy, stay cool, and thrive in her own unique sound and skin.

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Get your glow at the SFO (7/16)



Free facials, free music, and sunshine! Life is good…

Wouldn’t we rather arrive at our destination glowing, rather than washed out from a dehydrating six hour flight? On July 16, those of us headed out of San Francisco, via SFO Airport, can defy the air travel dooms and enjoy a free facial at Harmony Pharmacy by the Repechage team.

Repêchage will celebrate the opening with a special skincare event at Harmony Pharmacy and Health Center where customers will receive free skin consultations and express treatments with Repêchage licensed estheticians and meet Repêchage founder and CEO Lydia Sarfati.

What: Harmony Skincare Specialist Event
With Lydia Sarfati

When: Thursday, July 16, 2009
12PM- 4PM

Where: Harmony Pharmacy & Health Center
San Francisco International Airport
Terminal 3, Boarding Area F, HUB, Location F.2.012
San Francisco, CA 94128

The fabulous thing about Repechage, aside from the luxurious seaweed-based ingredients and superior results, is that all of their assorted products are TSA-approved sizes. Which allows ladies and gents to stock up on skin care, body care, and cosmetics that will get through security, and onboard an aircraft, with no problem.

And fear not loves and lads that won’t be at the SFO this July. Still enjoy the summer from the comforts of home, cubicle, or out for a jog with a few little extra vibes and boogies from Nylon Magazine and their free Summer Playlist 2009. Which can be downloaded FOR FREE from their website (via Itunes.) Just click here. It’s 22 magnificent indie pop and rock songs from the Plastiscines, Anjulie and many more.

You’re welcome and enjoy the summer! 🙂

For more info: For information about Harmony Pharmacy & Health Center, log onto or http://www.harmonypharmacy.com.
For more information about Repêchage, log onto http://www.repechage.com or call 1-800-248-SKIN and http://harmony.repechage.com/

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Two loves in perfect unison…

I’ve been in over my head thinking of the perfect name of thee blog that will coincide with my examiner.com column and was stumped a million, billion times until it hit me – Makeup and Chocolate. I couldn’t imagine a world living without either. They are my most self-indulgent, gorgeous, happy, drug-like inducing, man-made products that I constantly covet.

Will it stick? Put on the back burner like my many other domain names that I tired of all too soon? Who knows. But it is worth a shot. No one’s bought the domain name yet and if it works out well,maybe, I’ll commit. Here is the mock site




Feast your eyes and stay tuned. Looking up images for chocolate on Google felt almost like culinary porn.




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