About Mak-Chick

As a young mom, I struggled to find websites or blogs that pertained to all the parts of me. It was either one or the other – my “shopaholic” side, my “culinary-curios” side, or my “mommy-side” – I never found anything that was all of the above. I hadn’t discovered anything that was an equal concoction of food, beauty, fashion, literature, art and all the things that I equally and passionately love.  I started to think that something may be wrong with me. I’m nothing close to a one dimensional person. Okay, I’m multi-faceted, a little too free-spirited, constantly curios about everything and anything (but that doesn’t mean something entirely bad, right?)  So…This is where my idea for a website entered the picture.

I thought I could contribute to making a happier society by simply sharing with everyone the things that make me happy. Makeup and chocolate! And well, everything else in between. I am not an expert at any of these subjects. What gets put on here are simply my opinions and my opinions alone, what I love to write, and what are a heck of a lot of fun to talk about. It wouldn’t hurt to get a little crazy, be a tad bunch self-indulgent, and it would be tons of positive to make some new friends, stay updated with the old, by being able to share anything and everything that may come to mind through my lightening fast finger tips. (Maybe a little too much of everything. but that’s okay…)

Literary lovers, domestic divas, beauty product junkaholics, and foodies are all included in the diversity of my fabulous followers list. This is a place where multi-facets and scatter people can unite and fear no categories and singular boundaries. Hoorah!


I hope you enjoy whatever craziness I put on here. Feel free to let loose and share your own quirks and kicks with me as well. (No negativity please. It wastes everyones time and effort.)

Thanks for stopping by gorgeous lovelies!

Don’t forget to subscribe. (It’s totally free. Sssshhhh…)



As for makeup and chocolate specifics (What are yours? Comment below.):

My favorite chocolate is Hershey’s Cacao Reserve in Extra dark with Cacao nibs

My favorite makeup is my Amazing Cosmetic’s concealer (in medium – I borderline dalmatian without it)

My favorite qoute is Oscar Wilde’ s “We’re all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”



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