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Fresh music: Anjulie

I have pretty ecclectic taste in music. But away from my diversity in taste, is my inability to switch my playlist without getting bored or feeling music buyer’s remorse. Often, I will listen to the same two or three albums in a span of months because nothing else is appealing.

Music that moves me, drowns me in emotion, and takes me, well, anywhere else but where I may be standing at that very moment in time. These are the banal requirements of my Ipod playlist. Sometimes catchyJustin Timberlake beats and/or tounge-in-cheek lyrics just don’t cut it enough for me to not click the delete button.


But in this moment in time, I think I’ve found the girl that will keep me posted until my next anthem of albums show up.

Right now, in the darkness of a sheet covered living room at midnight, I’m listening to Anjulie.

Perhaps a byproduct of social networking fame. Unsure. She does have a myspace account that serves as her website. Which could surely be dead give away that she is. But I’ll leave that for Wikipedia to decide.
Anjulie  is said to be the “next big thing.” Her debut album will be dropping via the Starbucks/Ipod franchise collaboration.(You know you can almost gaurantee a million new fans with that formula.) Expected sometime during this summer.

I actually “found” her in the free playlist via Nylon Summer ’09. (Read previous blog for details, pls.) So far, three songs are available for purchase.
The Rain
Love Song – which is my fave.

Anjulie is just absolutely refreshing. In a see of tattoed men and either carbon copy or  trying real hard to be “hard” women, it’s nice to see one that can be happy, stay cool, and thrive in her own unique sound and skin.


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