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Garlic, Artichoke, and Arugula Stratta

This recipe is excellent when you are “cleaning” out the pantry. Great when some old bread and old salad bags (spinach or arugula) are ready to be switched for some new/fresh stock.

This version is vegetarian. If you want to make it, what I call, “husband-friendly” I suggest adding bits and pieces of some bacon crumbled on top.
Bake the bacon, simultaneously, on a sheet pan. (Take out a few minutes early and drain on some napkins – If you don’t have a wire/drain pan thing. Obvioulsy, I don’t, because I don’t even know what it is called. blush*)

Brunch is served. 🙂




Garlic (The kind that is pre-minced in a jar)
Better than Eggs
Defrosted and drained Frozen Artichokes
Arugula (The kind that comes in a bag pre-washed/chopped)
(I Can’t Believe it’s Not) Butter
Salt and Pepper
Cheese – Any kind you like I used Parmesan and American

Butter a shallow baking pan
Cover the bottom with sliced sourdough
add about two layers of Arugula and Artichokes
Scoop and spread a couple of tablespoons of minced garlic (I did about 3, I love garlic!)
Salt and Pepper to taste
Pour some Better eggs over the mixture and top with your cheese.
Throw in 375f degree oven for 20 – 35 minutes. The eggs should be fluffy, cheese melted, and slightly toasted.


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Super Easy Caprese Salad



You’de have to be absolutely allergic to kitchen techniques if you were to completely screw up this salad.

Super easy. (Did I say that already?) Goes great with burgers and french bread.


Fresh Mozzerella 

Fresh Basil

2 Ripe Roma Tomatoes

Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper

(Capers, Olives, Baslamic Vinegar, or Anchovies optional)

Chop, drizzle, sprinkle, and serve. The real trick is to use excellent quality olive oil, the best mozzarella you can find, and fresh ripe tomatoes.

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