Flawless Face Secrets (My 1st Youtube video)

“Masochism is a valuable work trait” – Chuck Palahniuk

Today, I’ve written a 10 page paper and created my first Youtube video. Holy smokes. That was hardwork.

Anyways, have a go and I hope you enjoy it. Thought I’d share my secrets because everyone deserves to have great skin. (Fake or not – like boobs! Hahaha.)


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Go Giants – Woo! (My semi-encounter with Andres Torres)

Today was supposed to be just another ordinary Saturday.  Ordinarily, I head to the mall/grocery store/someplace that wants my money, because I’m bored out of my mind at the house and I don’t want to stare/worry/despise  the messes that I haven’t got to cleaning yet.

It’s 11:00 am and Serramonte looked fairly normal, as suspected. The hip-hop wannabes decked out in their colorful gear, the old men and women on their way home from The Mall Fitness club, and the all the time, every time, extremely packed side of discount-shopping-mecca Target. (Seriously? All the time.)  

But, heeeey, there was something different.  There was a zig-zag of orange and black colored people standing in line on the side entrance which was spanning around the corner wall near Jamba Juice.

After going inside for (God knows what!), making a deal with my persistent son, (that if he could spell the 5 words that I asked, he could get a train, which he did!)  and grabbing, then putting back, then grabbing, then putting back another unnecessary (or maybe I should ) can of Unscented Aqua Net – I passed by The San Francisco Giant’s Dugout store to buy myself a little bracelet – a bracelet which I have wanted forever and now wanted even more since Jonathan Sanchez pitched a no-no last night.(Woohoo! My heart melted with his pops being there.)  

Since he stopped to greet me, I asked the dugout guy what the line was for. He replied that  Andres Torres and Sergio Romo were going to have a meet&greet at 1:30pm and if I wanted to buy a ticket, I could, over around the corner (where I saw the ridiculous tiger colored man line) I politely refused, walked in, grabbed my bracelet, was rudely cut in line by a little kid, which took a little more time since little kid had to ask how much every pencil and pen on the counter cost – which was really all good, fine, and dandy since the stall was actually a blessing in disguise. 

As I was collecting my change from the dugout girly, I noticed her off in a daze as she handed me my change. I turned to see Andres Torres entereing the store. Smiling, greeting, and getting the low-down on what was planned for his event. As I was walking out, he looked my way and smiled… I smiled back, only to be courteously bumped into by the other, much bigger, burlier, and wider dugout employee (who was absent-mindedly also in a daze staring at Torres, no worries though, he apologized very kindly)… Which totally knocked me off track. At that point, he (Andres Torres) was literally standing about two feet away from me and so I… I walked out the door. It wasn’t even close to 1:30 pm. Gosh! He was there EARLY – it was like 11:45 am and, really, I am a big poohead that wasn’t about to go freaking bonkers about this totally adorable and normal guy that so happens to just play baseball on national television for a living. Even of I did, and always do have my Canon on me. But…

Seriously, a smile will do.

I passed by the humongous and never ending line thinking “neener, neener, I got a smile. For free.”

Hehehehe and the little baseball fan inside me said that that was COOL! I witnessed that he was just so nice, and friendly, and human(and so gosh darn cute!)


So, this ordinary day turned into something a little extraordinary. With my chance encounter with Andres Torres and my four year old being able to spell all five words – FOX, RAT, DOG, CAT, and BOX.

(I know, he’s my genius. He deserved like a thousand trains for making me so proud.)

Life is pretty good.


Go Giants!,



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Garlic, Artichoke, and Arugula Stratta

This recipe is excellent when you are “cleaning” out the pantry. Great when some old bread and old salad bags (spinach or arugula) are ready to be switched for some new/fresh stock.

This version is vegetarian. If you want to make it, what I call, “husband-friendly” I suggest adding bits and pieces of some bacon crumbled on top.
Bake the bacon, simultaneously, on a sheet pan. (Take out a few minutes early and drain on some napkins – If you don’t have a wire/drain pan thing. Obvioulsy, I don’t, because I don’t even know what it is called. blush*)

Brunch is served. 🙂




Garlic (The kind that is pre-minced in a jar)
Better than Eggs
Defrosted and drained Frozen Artichokes
Arugula (The kind that comes in a bag pre-washed/chopped)
(I Can’t Believe it’s Not) Butter
Salt and Pepper
Cheese – Any kind you like I used Parmesan and American

Butter a shallow baking pan
Cover the bottom with sliced sourdough
add about two layers of Arugula and Artichokes
Scoop and spread a couple of tablespoons of minced garlic (I did about 3, I love garlic!)
Salt and Pepper to taste
Pour some Better eggs over the mixture and top with your cheese.
Throw in 375f degree oven for 20 – 35 minutes. The eggs should be fluffy, cheese melted, and slightly toasted.

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Beauty-junkaholic list: 7/10/09

It’s been awhile since the SF Beauty pages have been graced with a beauty-junkaholic shopping list. Honestly,nothing has really caught the watchful beauty junkie eye of mine this past week. No “gottahaveits” or “gimmedats” – I, sadly, have doled out more cash for loot at Trader Joe’s ( $5.00 Champagne and Blueberries are in season! ) than I have at any department store this month.  But lo and behold, this morning has dusted me with a few exciting new additions to  my bottomless caboodle and never-ending desire for more beauty rockin’ booty.

Urban Decay

1. Urban Decay’s Stoned Poison Ring – She who does not get sparked with even the slightest bit of  interest by this ring has a fashion style of capital B-oring or is nowhere near a city that boasts fashionista advocacy. How can someone not think that this is just plain gorge!? And I know, that we’ve all seen our fair share of lipgloss rings dating back from the early 90’s but, come on, Urban Decay’s Stoned Poison Ring wins the International Lipgloss Beauty Pageant hands down. It has three interchangeable lipgloss colors and comes in the cutes – cutest! – satin purple box, which makes it almost worthy for a one knee proposal. I said “almost.”


3. Sephora by OPI Nail Candy collection or “GO GIANTS!” nails.

Sephora and OPI came out with a fabulous bright, candy-inspired nail collection. Perfect for summer and all the sunnery days that we, here in San Francisco, will be enjoying in September to October. Haha! 

Also, If you didn’t know that I was a huge GIANTS fan, now you do. I’ve been goin to the home games off and on, and I thought – since we’re doing pretty great with our ace pitchers – next game I was going to dawn an orange and black tiger stripes manicure. Fun, right? Here’s the tutorial, just in case you’d like to do it for your team, too or just think the tiger-stripe look is freaking cool.


Still working on a 3. – Will update soon. xoxo

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Super Easy Caprese Salad



You’de have to be absolutely allergic to kitchen techniques if you were to completely screw up this salad.

Super easy. (Did I say that already?) Goes great with burgers and french bread.


Fresh Mozzerella 

Fresh Basil

2 Ripe Roma Tomatoes

Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper

(Capers, Olives, Baslamic Vinegar, or Anchovies optional)

Chop, drizzle, sprinkle, and serve. The real trick is to use excellent quality olive oil, the best mozzarella you can find, and fresh ripe tomatoes.

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Ed frikkin’ Hardy. Go meet him. Today.

Sean Yoda RouseEd Hardy is an icon, the “Godfather of the modern tattoo.” Since the young age of 10 years old, Ed Hardy recognized the energy and beauty of tattoo art. He incorporated a Japanese tattoo aesthetic, mixed in his vibrant Southern Californian perspective, and dominated a historical craft that in turn praised, demanded, and popularized his tattoo mastery.

Today, (July 9, 2009) at the SFMOMA, Ed Hardy will be signing copies of his new book “Ed Hardy: Art for Life” in The Schwab Room starting at 6:30 pm.


Free and open to the public.

Books are available for purchase in the SFMOMA Museum Store.

For more info: Don Ed Hardy, SF MOMA

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Welcome to the “Must-List”

Everyweek, as a part of my SF Beauty Writer column, I am going to showcase one fabulous individual and their 5 must-have,  shoot-up-a-public-place-if-they-discontinue items that they use, are willing to share, which I will expose world-wide on the San Francisco Examiner website and here, on Makeup and Chocolate.

To get things started, I’m going to lab test my own personal must-5 list, right here, right now, with no holding back and in no particular order.  Relax and layback as you read and discover the truth about my mere mortal needs, like Superman to his Kryptonite, I would crumble into a hot mees with out these 5.


1. Pur-mineral’s Mineral Brow Perfection:  I have very little brows and the very little that I do have, like to go in every which way they can. This ingenious creation (which I have religiously used for the last four years) has helped me create the most perfect arch to frame my eyes with. It is the easiest and most fool-proof way, my four year old could probably do it. With a handy stiff brush, trace your brow w/wax (against the grain of your brow hair growth) and then trace again (with the grain this time) using the universal powder  (spot applying in the sparser, tweeze-fever created areas) – and wala!  You have the most perfect eyebrows that would make even Marlene Dietrich envious. I swear to you, it is that easy, and it is that fabulous. I’ve changed many-a-lives for the better with this handy little thing.


2. American Apparel Unisex V-neck shirt in black. This is my life uniform. I worked, cleaned, slept, and partied relying on  this keeper as my go-to outfit. I may own double-digits of them. (Buy them in bulk through Ebay, I kid you not.) They go with anything/anywhere. A birthday party, a special preview showing at the Embarcadero theatres, even the SF’s swankiest Union St. bar (and you are not single, mid you.). With blue jeans, to black skinnies, to slacks, to 24/7 leggings, sky-high stilettos, and slouchy boots. My days of “I have nothing to wear” were over when these wardrobe miracle entered my life. The color and seam also allows for fool-proof accessorizing.




3.My Canon Poweshot: Just sayin’. With a rapidly growing son and a crazy lifestyle – I love it and I get great professional-like results almost every shot, when I need it most. If I want to buy something, want to remember to write something, or are just plain feeling photographerish, I whip this baby-out and it acts like my recorder, notepad, and memory all in one. Now I just gotta get the balls to start creating some tutorials. Still workin’ on growing some ball for that.



2n_1284. MAC Viva Glam IV – Just the smell of MAC lipstick instantly perks up my mood but this not too simple and not too loud shade is perfect for daily-use,  my skin tone, and stands for a great cause.

5. Tejava – Since I learned that my overuse of coffee and analgesics were aleading cause to my daily migraines, i cold turkeyed both and switched my Starbucks to Tejava. It’s light, crisp, and not sickeningly sweet.  When it’s cold, I warm it up in the micro and add some milk and sugar. Yum…I’m totally converted.

A few other “almost-made-it’s” were Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth” (which i read as-I-go to shake off any negative thoughts and people) and my Marc Jacob’s “Stam” Frame bag

So, there you have it my loves. My 5 MUSTS.

and I wouldn’t shoot a public place up if any of these items completely stopped existing, what I would do is go on an insane man-hunt all over the Bay Area and pay ridiculous amounts of money in order to retrieve stock again. (Happened with a Smashbox lipstick in Socialite, numerous exchanges at the Mac counter, and $48.00 on Ebay- FOR A TUBE OF LIPSTICK! – to  make a long story short.)

Hey, I’m only human. 



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